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2009-10-19 13:51:14 by white-darkness1

So I posted something I made in 20 minutes. It did better than most of the things I made in a couple days.

i feel so sad. D:

Solar System Update

2008-11-10 17:57:39 by white-darkness1

Turning out better than the original I made, that's for damn sure.

Also: Jupiter's ring is supposed to be horizontal. I kinda messed that up. Don't work in Flash when you're really tired. <_< 1780_SolarSystem.swf


I doubt anyone has read these posts, but oh well. But if anyone has, I've updated the Solar System. I added the VCAM and Mars. /66527_SolarSystem.swf

Feedback is appreciated.

Solar System (Earth)

2008-11-07 09:07:59 by white-darkness1

Well, since I've started on this before, it was kind of easy to do again. Then again, this is a pretty easy thing to do, and the spinning of the Earth is just an illusion. (Thank Macromedia for masking layers, lol.) Anyways, I'll be doing the whole Solar System, this is just the Earth. In order to have everything properly spaced and whatnot, I'll be using a VCAM and making it controllable. Anyways, here's what I have so far. /32749_SolarSystem.swf

If anyone is actually interested in helping, send me a PM.

So, I've actually been up to something. Having not done anything in Flash for quite some time, I decided to work on a Periodic Table, which is what I'm currently studying in Chemistry. Obviously, I only have the symbols, names, and atomic numbers of the elements, but I'll also have the atomic mass, electron configuration, and hopefully when the element was discovered and the reason for its name. I'll also have a key to explain the colors the elements are. This periodic table is based on the one from Encyclopedia Britannica, so I should probably credit them for the base.

And here's what I've done so far.

Note: This is not meant to be a game or movie. It's meant to be a study tool, and if it gets put into a collection, it'll probably go in gadgets.

Solar System

2008-10-30 11:40:05 by white-darkness1

So. I doubt anyone remembers, because it wasn't really important at all.

But awhile ago I started making a Solar System in Flash. Never finished it due to computer issues and lack of motivation.

But now, I have absolutely nothing else to do, and a spiffy new laptop.

So for anyone that cares, I'll be making updates on progress. It'll be a side-view type thing, and all images will be drawn in Flash. I think I have some links to the original in my old posts.

If anyone finds this remotely interesting, has suggestions for what to put in, what music to do, etc., go ahead and give me ideas.

Awhile ago, someone suggested making random events happen in certain places, like a flying saucer flying by somewhere every so often. It seemed like a pretty good idea, but I suck with AS, but I'd love to put it some random events like that, keep it interesting. So if any coders want something to do to pass the time, I'd love some help, and be happy to collaborate.

I'll be using images of the planets as a base, and trying to improve on the graphics of the previous one. (Like putting the ice caps on Earth, lol.)

In addition, the planets will act as buttons, and bring you to a window displaying some information about the planet.

So again, if anyone's interested, comment here or send me a PM. As long as you know enough about AS, I'm happy to take any help you can offer.

Yeah. I'm working on my own version of the Odyssey by Homer. I hope to have it well done with good sounds, good music, and well-done characters. The problem? The thread title says it all. So, if you feel like you want to help out or know someone who might be interested, visit or have them visit this thread in the BBS and you'll get an idea of what I'm looking for.

Also, you can view the intro by following this link.

Omfg. Working camera.

2007-10-19 16:41:34 by white-darkness1

I love you, VCAM. VCam completely turned the Solar System model around, and it works PERFECTLY. Also, to help with the art of some of the planets, as well as help me gather facts, IceDragon64 is officially the co-author of this project. I myself have also worked on Jupiter a bit, making the gradient more complex.

Enjoy, Newgrounds.


So, mkay. I've made LOTS of progress on my Flash Solar System, and it's only been about three days since I started. I still need to add in something like 15 moons total just to get the big, important ones, I need to make the planets orbit, and I need to recenter the universe so you zoom in at the sun. I'm also going to slow everything down, and make it so when you scroll over something with the mouse, a few factoids pop up. So, hopefully, this'll give you some basic info on this subject if you ever need it. If anyone has any suggestions at all, feel free to comment or PM, I'd be happy to listen, and if I like them, throw in your ideas. Also, if anyone feels they could draw better versions of the planets, go ahead and do it, and I'd be happy to either give you credit or co- you if you'd like. You can view the demo so far by clicking the link below.


Enjoy, Newgrounds. =D